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About Rolando

Rolando Bonilla’s life hasn’t been easy but like many in East San José, Rolando has worked hard to create a brighter future. As you’ll learn, he’s no stranger to hard work, that’s why Rolando is running for San José City Council.

As the East San José community starts to vote on May 9th, there will be time to discuss our collective values and debate issues like safe and clean neighborhoods, after-school programs, and jobs.

Before that, Rolando would like for you to know who he is and what has shaped his values as a husband, father, and public servant.



Rolando’s story:
Surviving COVID-19


Rolando’s story:
Rolando from the Block


Rolando’s story:
Perla, My Rock

“Learn about how The East San José COVID Relief Fund created by Rolando Bonilla has put thousands of dollars into the hands of East San José businesses.”


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