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“In the wealthiest metropolitan region in the nation, it’s deeply disturbing that we have so many families and individuals experiencing homelessness. When I was in high school, my family and I lost our home. This is an experience no family should have to endure. It is a matter of fundamental human dignity that everyone has a safe place to sleep and every child in our region has a stable home to grow up in.”

-Rolando Bonilla

Rolando Bonilla has worked hard to find solutions to ending homelessness and reducing encampments. Early in his career, Rolando participated in the county’s annual Homeless Count, volunteered with several nonprofit and religious organizations to provide groceries, and advocated for funding to expand homeless services in the Bay Area.

As a Councilmember, Rolando Bonilla will keep fighting to reduce homelessness in East San José. His plan includes:

  • Launching a crisis response team that is solely dedicated to East San José. The team would be dedicated to responding to homeless individuals including those experiencing mental health crises and/or needing other immediate services.
  • Fighting to attract additional affordable housing opportunities that are equally distributed throughout the City of San Jose and not strictly concentrated in communities like East San José.
  • Enforcing California’s Lauras Law that allows cities and counties to provide mental health treatment to a small number of individuals who are a threat to themselves and others who do not want to voluntarily access mental health services.
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